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There’s a beautiful simplicity in creating the biggest impression with the least impact, which is
why at the heart of every Sabi Style creation is a little green thinking.

It’s our way of making sustainable living a part of the everyday, through placing a priority on simple
environmentally-friendly choices like reducing waste, using and reusing sustainable products, and recycling
existing items.

At the same time, this emphasis on eco-design never overrides the fundamental principles of great
interior design – it really is just another way of making the most of what we have.

In fact whether you’re looking to maximise your space, your time or your resources the principle are
still the same – fix what needs to be fixed, find creative solutions to all challenges, and wherever
possible eliminate waste.

So if you’re looking to make an impression that doesn’t cost the Earth,
just ask me how I can help.

(07) 3122 8272

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