Interior Design Brisbane, Colour Consultant Brisbane
Interior Design Brisbane, Colour Consultant Brisbane

My name is Oliver Barlow. I was born exactly 5 973 miles
from Japan, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

From a young age I became a citizen of the world, a child of discovery.
Despite the age on my license, I still am. I have lived and worked and
travelled across many countries and many cultures. I have drunk in the
sounds of the people and the colours of the tapestries they weave in
their daily lives. I’ve seen their monuments and their architecture and their
artworks. I’ve seen fakes and forgeries and marvelled at the unmistakable
genius of the original.

I speak Spanish and French, the ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’ and ‘thank you’ of
several other tongues, but right now I’m concentrating on the finer points
of Australian.

After travelling thousands of days and many more thousands of miles, I have
settled in Australia and discovered what it means to ‘come home’. And it was
in making this home that I discovered my passion, and my long held but
previously undiscovered reason for everything I’d experienced and heard
and felt and touched.

I am a composite of all that I’ve seen and all that I’ve been. And in Wabi Sabi
I discovered a ‘style’ that is also pure substance.

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