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Sharing our lives and our homes with the people that matter most is one of the great joys
in life. We create family rooms, living rooms, outdoor entertainment areas, kitchens and
master bedrooms to share.

But while sharing makes the world go ‘round, sometimes the world just needs to stop.
Not forever, but just for a deliciously guilt-free pause that enables us to find a little room
for ourselves.

So how great would it be to find that little room to retreat, to recharge, to dream right
in your own home?

Why not have a little breathing room for your pranayama, or a private spa for your
massages, or a tranquil oasis for your meditation? How about a little point of focus for
your photography, or a studio for your inner Van Gogh, or a library where you can also
write your own novel? And who says you can’t have somewhere to spread the paper
out in peace, or sing at the top of your lungs?

With a little imagination and inspiration, I can help turn that spare room in your home into
a space just for yourself. I can help find places for all the things that currently clutter it
up, and give you a little sanctuary free from the rush of daily life just outside the door.

Just ask me how.

(07) 3122 8272

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