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It feels cramped, tired and it just doesn’t work!
We desperately need usable storage space. We hate digging around at the back of dark cupboards.
Must work with the existing space – no budget for structural work.

Key Design Solutions:
We created a purpose built space for the microwave, maximising counter space.
A cost effective pull out pantry was installed to make use of the limited storage and free up space for a dishwasher.
Drawers that support additional weight were placed next to the stove for easy access to pots and pans.
Client Thoughts:
Right from the start, Sabi Style worked with us to achieve a realistic budget. I am still amazed at what they accomplished for the money!

They found room for a dishwasher, a home for the microwave and still got more usable storage than there was before.
We love our new kitchen!
For More Details:
Tel: (07) 3122 8272
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