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How do we make this boring box of a room have any real character?
We hate the bulky curtains but can’t get rid of them as they are needed to block out the sun.
We need room for 4 people to eat and space for a lounge/TV.

Key Design Solutions:
We removed the curtains to free up valuable space and added a tint to the windows that still allows light into the room, but shields from heat and glare.
Air-conditioning unit installed to help regulate the temperature.
Specific furniture was selected to minimise the visual space occupied, creating the illusion of more space.

Client Thoughts:

Sabi Style’s design and layout was fantastic – they ticked all the boxes! The furniture is not only comfortable and stylish, but within our budget. It’s just so easy to live in!
For More Details:
Tel: (07) 3122 8272
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