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Property Styling for sale or rental market

Home-owners - unlike property investors - buy almost exclusively according to how a property feels.

When you're selling a property, you want the buyer to experience themselves living in the space. You want them to imagine being there for longer than the walk-through/open house, to get lost a little in the process and dream of what they could do - where they would put the couch, their artwork, their books and their photos.

In short, you want them to fall in love enough that they will consider growing a relationship, that they will settle in this space, grow a little older in it - that they will make it their own.

Unlike interior design - where the focus is to shape the space to the occupier - property styling is about removing the current tenant from the equation and highlighting the most interesting aspects of the property.
More than anything else, it's about allowing the emotions of the prospective buyer to have full sway, and ensuring that the experience created is attractive to the kind of buyer you’re looking for.

Talk to us and find out how we will get you the ‘SOLD’ sign you’re seeking.

Property Styling Brisbane

Property Styling by Sabi Style. Property styling for rental and property styling for sale.

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