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Specialist and Item Sourcing

Specialist and Item Sourcing

Finding the one piece that will complete a room, scouring galleries and commissioning custom-designed furniture, photography or artwork are both rewarding and time-consuming activities.

If your schedule is tight, or you’re just not sure where to start, Sabi Style’s service includes specifying, co-designing, project-managing and purchasing - leaving you free to focus on other pursuits such as growing your business, your garden or your wine collection …

Our empathy for your vision, coupled with our expertise in articulating it, will offer a creative solution that results in a deep and resounding ‘yes’.

We love a challenge! Previous projects have included:
Hand sewn pirate flag
Restoration of an heirloom dining suite
Creating an organic herb garden
Brand related photography for a boardroom
Custom designed textiles for a lounge
Custom made candles for Christmas

Talk to us about how we can breathe life into your imaginings.

Specialist and Item Sourcing Brisbane

Specialist Sourcing by Sabi Style. Item Sourcing by Sabi Style.

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